Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stupid Blogger

Blogger is messing up my posts!!! It won't let me compose a post in Normal mode...just HTML. Everything is all weird...very frustrating.

I went to help and they are supposed to be fixing the problem. I guess that I will edit it whenever it gets fixed.

BOO, Blogger!

Update:  I think it was just me.  I clicked something and now it's fixed...sorry, Blogger.  You aren't stupid.


The Good and The Bad

Today has been both good and bad...

GOOD: I FINALLY found a theoretical perspective for my research. WOOHOO!!! This may not be that exciting to most...but has totally made my whole week!!! I couldn't have found it without Damian (who happens to be the smartest person that I know...REALLY!!!) He has been so patient with me through the whole process so far...he talks everything out with me (even if he has absolutely no interest in my topic). I feel bad because whenever he wants to talk about philosophy...I go deaf and immediately fall asleep (I can be a sucky wife sometimes).

BAD: I only have three sentences done...and I have to have a whole chapter done by Friday.

My make-shift dissertation station...which happens to be in the middle of our family room

GOOD: Damian and I went to the OB/GYN to talk about my fibroids (not so exciting) and babies (very exciting!!!!) Nope, not pregnant...not even trying...but we would like to start in a year or so...so we just had a little preliminary talk. It was good. Very grown up.

BAD: We also went to the post office to get Damian's passport and got DENIED! No appointments for like 2-3 weeks. We're going to have go to the passport agency downtown...BOO!

GOOD: Carson got his hair done!

Excuse all of the school stuff in the background...I'm getting around to putting that somewhere
BAD: I didn't:(

Here's a before pic of Carson-dog.

Okay...that's it for now. Hope everyone has a good night!!!


Monday, May 30, 2011

Running is hard...Walking is Easy

I hate that commercial!  I don't know why it bugs me so much. 

Anyway, I've discovered walking again and I think that I've found love. 

Let me back up, I've ALWAYS had a love/hate relationship with running.  I want to be a runner so badly.  I want to run outside...I want to love all of the elements...I want to increase my speed and blog about all of my wonderful racing adventures.  I really want to...I really do.  I so enjoy reading everyone else's running blogs and I am inspired and envious of everyone who gets out there, iPod in tow...Garmin in hand....and ready to run for their lives.  I really, really, really, really want to do that.

My last blog was called "Becoming That Girl"...cause that is the girl that I wanted to be.  But after awhile, I was tired of trying to be someone that I'm not.  And I didn't want a whole blog dedicated to not being myself.  Hence the change to "Just Me."

Anyway, I digress...I now consider myself someone who runs.  3-4 miles is usually my breaking point...and it is usually on the treadmill (not outside)...but I consider it an accomplishment none the less. 

So, I say all of that to say that lately I've been walking on the treadmill (on an incline) and I've been getting a REALLY good workout.  I've been doing about 4 miles...at 15:00 pace...with varying inclines.  And it is actually enjoyable.  Well, maybe enjoyable is a little strong...but I'm not miserable doing it...and I've been gladly going upstairs to the treadmill to get my walk on. 

I vowed to finish up C210K...but I'm not sure if it's gonna happen.  I'm going to mix it up between running and walking...and some days I may even run AND walk.  It's good to mix up your work out and after 11 weeks of C210K, I'm ready to mix it up!!!

SN:  I was supposed to start my yoga regimen today until I realized it was Memorial Day and they changed their schedule.  Oh well!  It actually worked at better because I am in dissertation hell and I should be writing rather than spending 90 minutes in a heated room.  But I will definitely be there on Wednesday!!!:)  So excited!