Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Is Anybody Out There?

I honestly hope not. It's been six years since I last posted...or even looked at this blog. I honestly didn't even know that it was public anymore. Yesterday, someone commented on some of my 6 or 7 year old posts...which made me go through everything that I had previously posted.

A wedding...a baby...a doctorate degree...and six years later and I am still struggling with the same issue...trying to lose weight. I am 23 lbs heavier than I was at my lowest point on this blog. It was actually really neat to see the how little I was comparatively. It was also neat to go to some of my favorite old blogs (listed on the right). I was sooooo into healthy living.

As I was looking at ways to close this whole account down, I thought about how posting helped me in the past. I may try to continue to use this as a diary of sort. Anyone not expect correct grammar or anything inspirational or revolutionary. I'm just hoping that this will help me stay focused.  Maybe it will help motivate me and help get me back on track...and hopefully stay on track. 

So, I've committed to workout/move once a day. I'm going to follow the following schedule.

Sunday: Strength
Monday:  HIIT on treadmill
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: HIIT on treadmill
Thursday:  Strength
Friday: HIIT on treadmill
Saturday: Yoga (optional)

If I miss a day it's not the end of the world. My goal will be to not miss 2 days in a row.

As far as eating is concerned...I am going to focus on cooking and eating at home and cutting out processed foods. Cooking takes soooooooo much of my energy and time. If I could master how to cook quick healthy meals, I feel like losing weight would be a breeze. Cooking and preparing becomes an all day event for me. Hours to plan...hours to grocery shop...and several more hours in the kitchen making my meals. I am able to maintain this routine for 2 to 3 weeks before I realized I have neglected the rest of my life (my house, laundry, grading papers, etc.). Getting back to real life usually means eating out so that I can catch up. I haven't given up and I am going to start cooking again...and focus on cutting out breads and desserts/sweets.

Though I don't believe in calorie counting, I am going to try to track my calories again. Not sure how long this will last. Losing weight is not just about calories in and calories out, tracking calories will hopefully help me become more mindful about what I put in my mouth. I have become a little out of control in the past couple of weeks.

So, that's it for now. So, my starting weight is 148.3...and my goal weight is still 125. I'll be back soon or I'll be back never. We will see...