Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby steps...

I feel like since I've been "back," each week, I log in to report my major setbacks, my minimal successes...AND any changes that I plan to make for the following week.

So, let's just get to it. 

FAIL:  Damian and I ate out on Thursday-Saturday...AND I went a little crazy with the mac and cheese during our multicultural feast at school.
PROGRESS:  Though some might call this failure...I am proud that we have gone from eating out seven nights a week to three nights a week (Go, us!!!)...and I mean, it's mac and cheese.  No one can say no to mac and cheese.
CHANGES FOR NEXT WEEK:  We have an off-site work thing at a bar on Thursday, and my cousin is coming into town from Texas for the, I am feeling like I may be eating out once or twice.  BUT once or twice is it!  My goal is to eat at home at least 5 nights per week.

FAIL:  I did not wake up early one time this whole week to do my morning workout.
PROGRESS:  Though I didn't do it in the morning, I DID squeeze in workouts after school two or three days this week!!
CHANGES FOR NEXT WEEK:  Morning workouts are out...AGAIN.  Other than yoga, I just can't fathom squeezing into my sports bra and jumping on the treadmill in the AM.  This week's workout goals are as follows: 

Sunday:  Cardio and Strength (lower)-check!
Monday:  Cardio and Yoga
Tuesday:  REST
Wednesday:  Cardio and Strength (upper)
Thursday:  REST
Friday:  Hot Yoga (trying to go with a friend from work...this is not set in stone)
Saturday:  Cardio

I've changed my dissertation schedule so that it will allow me to workout after school.  Tuesday and Thursdays are my late days at work (Damian picks me up at 6ish...that's a an 11 hour day, people!!!)...and not so surprisingly, I NEVER want to workout on these days.  I also realize that these are the days that I ALWAYS want to eat out.  Stress makes me want a glass of wine and someone who will prepare, bring me, and clean up my dinner.  Some thing that I have being trying to be better about...Stress is so evil!

FAIL:  I did not track any calories all week (kinda cause I had decided not to).
PROGRESS:  I started back on Sparkpeople again today...hopefully it will be relatively painless and not so time consuming.
CHANGES FOR NEXT WEEK:  I keep going back and forth about tracking, but I think the type A in me is craving the extra accountability.  I'm not making any real commitments...but I'm going to try to track for this whole week.  We'll see...

FAIL:  No strength training all week:(
PROGRESS:  I finally did Cathe Friedrich's pyramid lower body workout TODAY! 
CHANGES FOR NEXT WEEK:  The workout today was awesome...and it made me feel strong!  Not a huge fan of lower body, but it was still cool.  I'm really excited about upper body on Wednesday.

FAIL:  I gave in to mindless snacking once or twice...or maybe more like three or four.
PROGRESS:  Though I snacked a bit, I did follow my meal plan almost all week (obviously Thursday-Saturday, things went a little awry...)
CHANGES FOR NEXT WEEK:  No real changes here...going to keep doing what I've been doing.  Eating lunch when the kids go to the cafeteria (at 10am) has definitely helped me not get so hungry in the afternoon.  I'm going to continue to eat every two to three hours this week. The key is never to let yourself get too hungry. 

So, as a whole, I wasn't perfect (but, who is, really!?!?).  I am super proud of the baby steps that I did take this week.  And I know I'm headed in the right direction.  Hopefully, I will have even more progress and even less failure next week!!!!!