Sunday, September 25, 2011

Keeping promises

So, the counting calories thing didn't work out too well.  I started last Monday by entering my breakfast...and I think that I was done tracking calories by dinner.

To make matters worse, I dined out 6 days out of my 7 day week!!!!  So much for rehabilitation, right?

The worse part about my current struggle is that I make all of these huge goals, affirmations, and plans week after week...only to end up giving in to my stress and food addiction (Yes, I think it is an all out addiction now).  And the problem with making promises to yourself and not keeping them is that eventually you stop believing yourself.  You lose faith your own word.   And if I don't believe that I can do just won't happen.

BUT I must say that (surprisingly) I don't feel defeated.  I'm starting again today and I'm feeling really good about it.  I woke up and did Week 1, Day 1 of C25K (I figured I can take baby steps to get myself back into running).  It felt good...pretty easy, but I didn't want to overdo it on my first day.  After it was over, I was ready for a bit more...but instead of doing more walk/running, I remembered my old love...YOGA!

Realizations that came to me during and after Yoga:

1.  I cannot sit around and mourn the loss of Steve Ross and Inhale forever.  It's time to get back into it.
2.  I truly, truly have missed my yoga practice.   
3.  Yoga makes me feel strong.
4.  Yoga makes me feel enlightened.  I love that I'm not only exercising my body, but I am exercising my mind (deep, huh?...I know!).
5.  I LOVE exercising without shoes on (I struggled thinking of one more...sometimes I have this little OCD thing about things ending with 5.  Kinda weird...but the "no shoe" thing is a true statement nonetheless.)

Anyway, this seems to happen a lot.  I stop yoga for awhile and when I start I fall in love all over again.  It's a pattern. 

Anyway, I'm trying to take baby steps...and take things a week at a time.  So, here is what the plan is for this week.

Monday:  Rest
Tuesday:  Yoga AM
Wednesday:  Cardio AM, Strength (lower) PM
Thursday:  Yoga AM
Friday:  Cardio AM
Saturday:  Hot Yoga/Cardio (optional) AM
Sunday:  Cardio and Strength (upper) AM

I have a love/hate relationship with early morning workouts.  I think/know/believe that they are the best way to get my workout in.  But the idea of waking up before 5 am...well, it just sucks.  It sucks for my sucks when I'm running sucks if I don't get enough sleep.  But I also realize that there are not enough hours in the day...and I NEVER feel like working out after school.  I guess it just it's just a sucky, but necessary thing.

Oh!  One last thing.  I've decided to give myself 3 goals each week.  Nothing to extreme...just some kind of healthy guidelines for the week.

1.  No eating out Monday through Thursday (BIG ONE!)
2.  Follow this week's workout schedule (see above).
3.  No (unconscious) snacking

That's it.  Seems easy enough...but if, I mean, when I get through it, I'm going to be so proud of myself.  So, here's to keeping promises:)!!!


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