Thursday, July 29, 2010

Different Day, Same @&#*!

(I'm laughing at my own title...what a dork!)  This is gonna be short and sweet...cause I gotta do my P57 before my friend/MOH comes over tonight. 

Anyway, today was a lot better than yesterday.  I hung out with my future in-laws...which was fun!  I love their stories.  His mom remembers EVERYTHING!!!  I would kill for that kind of memory.  My past is a blur.  I've found myself asking people about what I did back then or on this or that occasion to jog my memory.  Thank God for pictures!!

I also tried to print out my save the date envelopes...and I am officially over it!!   When my friend called she got an earful of curse words regarding those stupid envelopes.  Screw my printer...screw these stupid envelopes and screw Kinko's for not saying that they would just do them for me.  I do l-o-v-e my save the dates though...they are super cute!!  Maybe I can go back and try again tomorrow...I mean, they are already a month late...what's another day or so.

As for the title that made me giggle...I was referring to my meals.  Today, I have eaten EXACTLY the same thing that I had yesterday.  Same green smoothie...same taco-ish soup and cantaloupe...same chia carrot muffin thing...and in about an hour I will be eating an open faced mahi mahi sandwich with cabbage...AGAIN!  Yay for leftovers!!!...I guess that is one good thing about me and my fiance eating separately.  More for me!! (I'm such an only child...and such a pig:))

Anyway, gotta go "have a party for my thighs!" (that's what the annoying lady in the P57 DVD says...I know, super corny).  Bye!!


  1. That stinks about the save the dates envelopes! I know it may look kind of cheesy, but we are thinking about doing clear labels...or just hand writing (very carefully). I only have 40 to do, but you may have more and then it'll be a nightmare :)

  2. your blog title got me hooked right there! I love what you're doing and your goals. Keep it up! :)