Friday, July 30, 2010

It's About That Time...

About that time for what you may ask...?

Well, me going to Wal-Mart and buying these composition books means it's about that time for school to start...

It's also about time for me to get a new lunch box.

My co-workers make fun of my cooler...but it's the only thing that would fit my breakfast, lunch, and snack.  One day, I was leaving my friend's classroom with my cooler on my arm and a little boy in her class said "Ms. B, I like your purse."  It was super cute!  I like my "purse" too...but its time to get something a little less cumbersome. 

It's also about time that I went a little green, in terms of my water consumption.

I used to have a $19/week water habit.  I was addicted to Evian and I would buy a six pack of the one liter bottles every week.  In addition to that, I would buy a 24 pack of 12 oz. bottles of Deer Park.  It was ridiculously, I had to cut down on my Evian.  I only buy it for special occasions now.

Anyway, I say all of that to say that I think that it is FINALLY time for me to stop buying plastic water bottles.  (You may look and see that I have still bought four huge gallon bottles of water sitting on my table...but I'm trying to take baby steps.  The very first step was almost 365 days ago when I bought my cute little Sigg one year ago.  It has sat in the cabinet since steps...don't judge me!). my next step is to break the individual water bottle habit first...then I'll invest in some filters.

It's also time for Carson to get a hair cut.

I think that this might be borderline doggy abuse cause it's super hot outside.  Poor guy...he looks a mess!

It's about time for me to finish those Chia Spelt Carrot Muffins before they go bad.

It's about time for me to get on these stupid save the dates.  I bought some labels hopefully things will go a little smoother.

It's about time for me to start buying unsweetened almond milk.

Did you know that the regular chocolate almond milk has 20 grams of sugar!!?!?  WHAT!?!?!?  Pure craziness!  The unsweetened kind doesn't have any sugar...big difference!

It's about time that I bought some portable smoothie containers for my ride to work...Monday's the big day!  Back to the grind...

The bag says Whole Foods...but I actually got them from Wal-Mart!  I also got a cute travel mug for my green tea:)

It's about time that I got rid of these darn fruit flies!!!

For the past couple of weeks, we've been invaded by fruit flies.  We're really not gross people...really!  It's just that I have this idea about wanting certain fruits and/or vegetables to sit on the counter.  This is obviously not the smartest idea and has invited swarms of fruit flies to our kitchen.  I read that I can set a fruit fly trap by putting a piece of fruit in the oven over night with the oven door open...then in the morning, I'm supposed to close the oven...turn it on...and more fruit flies.  I know it's not the most humane thing...but I'm sick of sharing my bananas with those nasty little buggers!  They're just gross!  Maybe I'll set the trap tonight!

 Fly Trap!

It's also time for me to water my aloe plant.

He's not lookin' so good these days. 

It's NOT time to go to the grocery store.

The fridge is stocked and ready for my first week back at work.  I went to four grocery stores today...Trader Joe's, Kroger, Wal-Mart, and Harry's (in that order).

I stocked up on protein.

I am really digging the chocolate rice protein.  I made the yummiest smoothie this morning with spinach, a whole frozen banana, some plain Chobani, some chocolate (sweetened) almond milk, and some flax...oh yeah, and the chocolate rice protein.  It was AWESOME!!!!  May be my new fave for awhile!:)

It' IS time to make some more soup.

My taco-ish soup has been getting better and better each day.  I finished all but a corner today...AND I decided to make some more to bring to school for lunch next week. 

It's also time for me to finish this book.

I was hoping to have my dissertation written this summer.  Alas, I have not written one word:(

Lastly, it is time for my monthly visitor...and she's got me all moody and crazy.  I mean, I'm not crying my eyes out or anything.  But I am feeling...uh, I can't see all of my efforts from the last six weeks like I did yesterday.  I feel like all of my new muscles are being covered by a big old pad of fat.  I feel like going to the market in my workout gear may have looked a tad inappropriate...and I probably should have covered up.  I don't know!  She's in my head, man!!  It's crazy!

But at least I know that it is my hormones and not really me.  Maybe after a hot shower, I'll feel a little better.  I might even order a movie...yay for lazy Friday nights!

Well, I guess it's time for me to go.  See ya!!!

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  1. Tehehe this post made me giggle! Kudos on buying a bottle! You save so much money and waste by investing on a good-quality bottle.

    It's so cool that you have an aloe plant too! What do you use it for?