Sunday, August 1, 2010

Twas the Night Before Work...

Well, it is finally here.  The last official day of my summer break.  I'm feeling a bit...hmmmm, melancholy would be the best word to describe it.  I don't know if it's because I have to go back to work or because of TOM.

Or it could be because we may be having more house guests come in this evening.  The future in-laws left this morning and my fiance's cousins may be coming in this evening.  They will just be passing through on their way to Miami...and any other time this would be okay...but tomorrow is my first day back and I just kinda want to finish my laundry, prepare my meals, pick out my clothes and relax.  Not really in the mood for entertaining.  But, what can you do!?!?

Anyway, other than the gloom of starting work tomorrow (I used to call these the Sunday blues), I've had a pretty good day. 

This morning, my fiance's sister dropped off her 9 month old...and along with the lil cutie, she brought these...

And yes!...they were "hot and now!"

Though Krispy Kremes (especially "hot and now") used to be a yummy treat morning, noon, or night...I resisted the temptation.  And I had this...

Chocolate Green Monsters have been a staple for three days now.  Loving them!!!  I'm already looking forward to making one tomorrow before school. (I hope the blender doesn't wake up the cousins).

After the CGM, I did a lil more yoga...I think I'm addicted!! I was supposed to do P57 AGAIN...but again chose downward dogs over my "thigh party."  Oh well.  I'm really diggin' Steve these days!

This afternoon, I had my first salad in a gazillion years for lunch.

As I was eating my salad, I was thinking that my feelings towards salads are kinda like my feelings towards running.

1)  I know it's healthy.
2)  I envy everybody else that's doin' it.
3)  Definitely haven't found a love for it quite yet.

I see all of these lovely salads on everybody's blogs...with lots of different colors and veggies and all around healthy stuff and I am so impressed.  But when it comes time to plan my meal...salads are never at the top of my list.  Maybe it'll come...maybe not.  We will see.

Well, right now, I'm sitting under the dryer waiting for my hair to dry.  Gotta look purty for tomorrow!

Oh!!  Before I go...I got my toes done for my first day back.

 In this picture, you can really tell that my second toenail on my left foot has a mind of it's own.

I wanted purple...but I ended up with this crazy teal.  So out of character...but I wanted something different.  Did y'all know that you could go to the nail shop and just get a polish change (w/o the pedicure part) for super cheap!?!?  My future sister-in-law gave me the scoop on that.  I may be the last person on Earth to know about this (not true...that would be my mom.  I told her and she didn't know about it either).

Anyway...bout to make more spinach and mushroom calzones for dinner (and for tomorrow's lunch).  AND I'm gonna sit back, relax and enjoy the last 4.5 hours of my summer break!  


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