Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Heart Yoga!!!

Oh my goodness!  I forgot how much I truly LOVE yoga! 

I decided against doing P57 today...after reading Elaine's Om Sweet Om blog.  And I'm so happy that I did!  It was AMAZING!  Partly because I just missed how it felt to maneuver my body in different ways and practice my balance...and partly because it reminded me about being focused and centered.  It reminded me about all that chatter that goes on in your head...and how sometimes it's necessary to just push it away and focus. 

It also felt good to do yoga now that I am in good physical condition.  I felt strong...and I pushed through any pain that I was feeling.  It was AWESOME!!!

I'm really glad that I did yoga before making my workout schedule for August.  I may need to change some things around, so that I'm incorporating more yoga in my life. 

One thing that I found out today is that Steve Ross doesn't come on Oxygen anymore. *gasp*  I've been DVRing Inhale, his show, for awhile and I noticed that nothing recorded in July.  When I did a search, nothing came up!!  It made me kinda sad. 

I started doing yoga with Steve Ross about eight or nine years ago.  I LOVED everything about it at first...the music...the poses...his funniness.  Then it all started getting on my nerves.  All the poses  seemed really repetitive...after awhile, I wanted to hear yoga-y music, not Motown.  And even his jokes started getting on my nerves.  So, I stopped and found some new obsession for the moment.

Long story long (as my fiance always says)...many years later I started doing hot yoga...which I absolutely, positively love!!!  I spent a year practicing about one or two times per week...until the $70 per month fee became a little too much. 

So last year, I started DVRing my old standby, Inhale, again.  It was no hot yoga, but it gave me a good workout.  Plus, I read Steve Ross' book, Happy Yoga last year and it gave me a new found appreciation for him. 

It's kinda sad that it no longer comes on...but I have about 15-20 episodes recorded, so I'm not that worried.  Besides, I really want to start doing some research on different types of that I can find what is best for me.  I don't like yoga that is too flow-y...I like to hold my stretches for a bit, but still do powerful moves and work up a sweat.  I wonder what kind of yoga that would be?!!?

Anyway, I took a few pics to document exactly where I'm doing all of this working out.  It definitely is not the spa-like home gym that I dream to have one day...but it does the trick for now.  (As you will see, it doubles as a ironing room).

The exercise bike that I just started using.  The mirror is actually from when we were remodeling our bathroom (which is still under construction).  I really like having it there when I workout...especially during yoga.

Old Faithful:)  My wonderful has been good to me.  The chair, the long pillow and the playground ball are for when I do Physique 57.

Equipment.  I really should be embarrassed by all the dust on the mats.  Maybe that should be my next project.

My beloved Jade yoga mat

The TV is a must!

My July workout schedule.  If you notice, I only missed one workout...and it was a second workout for the day AND I only missed it because my fiance's parents were in town.  I love crossing out the little boxes when I've completed my workout!

That's it!  I just wanted to proclaim my re-found deep affection for yoga!  My eating is WAY off today.  I waited to long to work out and all I've eaten is a half of an apple and it's almost 1:00 pm!!!  Trying to decide between a smoothie or a real lunch...definitely leaning towards a smoothie!  Spinach, banana, and chocolate...YUM!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness Carla! Your workout room is awesome! Green with envy :)

    I love how you make a monthly schedule and check it off. It looks like its definitely working for you. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice set up! My floor mats look just as bad, if not worse, I have dog fur tumble weeds, rolling by as I work out!

  3. You have a fantastic home gym. I am envious. The only equipment I have is a rebounder(mini trampoline) and some hand weights. I bet you are going to look fantastic after using all that equipment!