Saturday, September 4, 2010

Goodbye Lil Crispy Shrimp Taco, Hello Froyo!!

Yesterday, I overindulged.  BIG TIME! I think that I almost ate a whole pound (3500 calories...well, not that much, but close!)

The day started normally with a smoothie and some coffee.  I had a vegan burger for lunch and an apple and peanut butter dip for a snack.

Then it was time for dinner.  I wanted to take my fiance to the restaurant where we are planning to have my shower.  I went there this past Wednesday and the food was really good and the margaritas were AMAZING!

Since we were near my mom's, we stopped by her house first and picked up her new grill from Home Depot.  After grill set-up and some chit-chat, I was STARVING!!!...and more than ready to eat.  (When I'm really hungry, I get extra grumpy.  I'm not sweet...not at all.)  Anyway, I was feeling like "not-sweet" Carla and I needed some food.  So we headed to INC Autentico Street Food for some Latin yumminess!!!!

The food was great...the drinks were yummy and the crowd was...uh, middle aged.  Let's just say it wasn't our crowd...which kinda sucks because I LOVE everything else about this place.  The graffiti on the walls...the kitchen that looks like a food truck...the garage door that opens up to the back patio.  It's a really fun place...with good food and drinks!

I got crispy shrimp tacos and a Texas margarita.  The tacos were awesome-sauce!!!...even better than the ahi tuna tacos that I had there the other night.  They double up their corn tortillas...which means double the calories...but hey, was my splurge night.  I ate one and a half of the three tacos on my plate...and my fiance finished a half.  One whole taco was boxed up to go (to be continued on the fate of that third taco).

Anyway, we ate and got the hell out of left downtown Roswell.  We decided to hit up Friday's for a lil Brownie Obsession and another drink.  The brownie was super sweet...we didn't even finish the whole thing.  I got a glass of Reisling...and followed that with some water (even though my fiance got another drink....this rarely happens.  We usually go toe to toe with our drinks.)

Anyway, everything was going well...I wasn't stuffed.  We had a great night...big fun and all.  Then we got home...and I don't know what really came over me.  I don't know if it was the alcohol that had my inhibitions down...or if it was just an old habit coming back...but I did it.  I went into that little styrofoam box and devoured that last little crispy shrimp taco.  It started with one bite...then another...then another.  Then the taco was gone (R.I.P. lil taco)...and I felt HORRIBLE!!!!  Full and ashamed.

When I got up this morning, I felt like crap.  I don't know if it was a hangover or the shame that I felt from yesterday's binge.  I ran some of which included me taking a four mile walk while I waited for my tire and oil change.

During my walk, I felt pretty good.  It was a GORGEOUS day!!!!  But when I got home, a headache came home with me:(  I had a green monster (cause that's what everyone else says cures their hangovers)...but it didn't help.  And now, I've wasted this whole beautiful day feeling like crap.

My fiance wants to get out, but I feel so blah and complacent.  I just want this headache to go away.  (I think this is the place where I'm supposed to swear off alcohol forever...but let's not hold our breath...we both know that's not happening).  Anyway, I feel guilty that I am not out enjoying this Labor Day weekend with my husband-to-be.

His friend's wife and her sister are in town...and I'm tempted to tell him to just go out with them without me.  That will leave me here to mope by myself.  Maybe a shower will make me feel better (Yes, its 5:30 pm and I have yet to take a shower...don't judge!)  Or maybe froyo will help!!!  That's something we can do together and outside!

Okay.  I'm off to suggest it...Pinkberry, TCBY, Yofuria, Jujubee's, Yogli Mogli, Yoreka, Planet many choices!  Let's see if he wants to go.  Yay!!!  Yogurt makes everything better!!!

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  1. Froyo helps everything. Even hangovers! (Well, I tell myself that, at least.)