Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Need a Garmin!!!

So, my fiance got some bad news about a friend last night and didn't really have an appetite for anything...even froyo!!  So, we stayed in, watched college football (like the rest of the freakin' world), and around 9:30 pm ordered a pizza (I know, way too late to eat.  But he got his appetite back and I felt that I should make the sacrifice, if pizza is what he needed to make him feel better.)

This is what's left of the pizza.

I had two pieces.  My fiance...well, he had the rest.  A little emotional eating never killed anyone, right?!?! (or has it!?!?)  Anyway, there were only 8 pieces total...and I'm the one that made what was left of the pizza that weird shape that it is in now (missing the crust and a little on the right hand side...I guess I should say that I had two and a half pieces).

The night actually turned out okay...even without froyo.

I woke up bright and early this morning and decided that I wanted to run...outside!!!  The weather has been soooo nice and since I'll be running the Vinings Downhill 5K next Saturday (Thanks, Lee!), I should probably get my butt off the treadmill and on to the sidewalk.

The run was okay.  I did about 4 miles (I have yet to get a Garmin, so I don't have a pace breakdown or anything fancy like that).  My pace for the whole run was 14:15 (Don't laugh!).  I did a 5-8 minute warm up walk and a 5-8 minute cool down walk....and I walked a minute or four in between.  I really need a Garmin!

Post run glow:)

I was feeling so good that I decided to keep going.  Inhale with Steve Ross!!  Love him!

Post yoga glow:)
This is the best part!!!  Savasana!!

So now, my fiance and I are headed to the mall for some Labor Day shopping.  We were supposed to go to the North Georgia Premium Outlets, but I was not excited about the drive...or the stores.  So off to Perimeter.

Oh!  Before I go...look what happened to Carson!!

He got a haircut!

It was definitely not his best haircut...but he was so matted that they had to go low (I'm a bad mom...I know!)  The lady left his fur around his mouth/cheeks so long...we've been calling him "Chops" and "Jowls."  It'll grow back...but he looks pretty terrible right now. to the mall!!!:)

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  1. I'll keep my eyes out for you at the race! Hopefully we will run into one another.

    Where in MD are you from, by the way? I grew up in Rockville/Bethesda.