Sunday, September 12, 2010

Magical Running Shorts

I did it!  I ran the whole thing (minus one minute when I was fixing my iPhone)!!  I didn't stop...I didn't feel like I was gonna die!  I even conquered the massive hill at mile 2.6!  I completed 5.3 miles total...outside...running!!!  I'm still in shock!

I don't know what made this such a good run.  It may have been the beautiful may have been my new found confidence from running the 5K may have been Kanye radio on Pandora...OR it may have been my new *MAGICAL* running shorts!!! (I personally think it was the shorts:))

Even though I think my shorts were my good luck charm...I still don't really understand the big deal when it comes to running shorts.  They were pretty comfortable, I guess...but I did have some riding issues (my #1 worst pet happens when your thighs are REALLY good friends).  Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as most shorts and I just learned to ignore it after awhile.

After my run, I still had some energy, so I decided to walk to Harry's for some chocolate rice protein...

I went to Harry's because I wanted to make a green monster to celebrate my great run...but my fiance decided to go to Starbucks for oatmeal and coffee.  It was such a nice day!

After Sbux, we went to West Stride where I got some...

 running shoes!!!

I ran on the treadmill and the guy (who was super helpful) told me that I have a neutral stride.  He explained what it all meant...but I really wasn't following (I just wanted my sneakers!)  He said "neutral" was the most important thing to that's all I remembered.

The sneakers that I got are not cute...but they are super comfy.   I realize that I need to get over the whole cute sneaker thing (If I want cute...I'll get some Pumas.  My Asics are strictly for comfort).

 After wearing them for ten minutes, I never want to put these guys on again!

 Goodbye, Reeboks!

It really has been a great weekend!!!  A 5K, running shorts AND new sneakers...all in one weekend!!! It's official...I'm a runner!!! (...or at least I hope I am.  If not, I just blew about 150 bucks)

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  1. Haha, my thighs are good friends with each other too and I cannot find a pair of shorts that don't ride up.