Saturday, September 11, 2010

No One Told Me There Was Gonna Be a Dress Code!?!?!

Yay!!!  I did it!!  I finished my first 5K!!!   Actually it was my third...but I wasn't a "runner" back then.  I was hardly even a walker.  Anyway, today I did the Vinings Downhill 5K!!!

Things started off a little rocky this morning...I had a few drinks with some co-workers yesterday afternoon...and after last weekends all-day hangover, I was kinda nervous about running today.  I had a little headache at first, but eventually it seemed to go away.

My friend picked me up around 7:15 am and off we went to Vinings.  The weather was absolutely perfect!!!!

When we got there, I got a little nervous about the whole thing.  There were soooooo many runners there...official runners...with there iPods/iPhones and Garmins and knee braces...and fanny packs (I know they are not really still called fanny packs, but we weren't sure what the kids are calling them these days).  And OH MY GOODNESS...there were so many running shorts!  No one told us there was gonna be a dress code!?!?!  My friend and I got a good laugh at ALL of the swishy panty-lined shorts that everyone was wearing!  I honestly have never seen so many people in one place wearing that many pairs of running shorts in my whole life!  We were obviously novices with our spandex-y capri pants on...we stuck out like a sore thumb.  But once we saw this older lady in a pair of jean shorts who was ready to run, we ended up feeling a little better.

My friend is super we ended up laughing through all of the events leading up to the race (are we in the right line?!?!...where do we find the stupid pins??!?...should we be stretching!?!?...why is she just wearing a sports bra??!  Did that guy just go into the woods to pee?!!?)  The whole thing was such a new experience... and super funny!!!

Anyway, the race started and I was feeling pretty good.  I was excited about the fact that most of the race was downhill and I had set my sights on this 8 year old that I was determined to beat.

The first mile went quickly.  We finished in 11somthing-or-other.  My friend is very new to we walked for a lot of the second mile.  And kinda did a run/walk through the third. 

My stamina was really good and I never really felt tired throughout the race.  It might have been the excitement of running with a bunch of people.  When my friend slowed down to walk, I decided to slow down with her.  I wasn't trying to win the race and I didn't want to leave her...I was actually happy that she was there, so I had an excuse to walk..and talk...and laugh. 

Anyway, I finished the race in 38:38 seconds.  I'm curious on how I may have done if I tried to run the whole time.  There were a few times that we had to run/walk up hills...which wasn't that much fun.  But other than that, like I said, I felt REALLY good the whole time...and I definitely want to do the race again next year! 

Matter of fact, my friend and I are going to find a race to do next month!  We probably won't be lucky enough to find a downhill race...but hopefully, we'll find one that is pretty flat (uphill suck!!).

Anyway, afterwards, we walked to the finish "party," got our t-shirts (note to self:  next time order a small) and some Gatorade, and walked back to the car (The walk to the car was actually harder than the whole race...we had to walk up a super steep hill that felt like a mountain).  

We finished our wonderful morning with some breakfast at the Marietta Diner.  Very fun day!

Oh! And of course, I had to go to Target and get some (wait for it)...

Some running shorts, of course!!!!!

Gonna test them out tomorrow.  I think today's race has sold me on the outdoor running thing.  It could've been cause we were going downhill...or because the course was prettier than where I run...I don't know.  We'll see tomorrow...I'm definitely headed outside if it's not raining.


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  1. Great job!

    We walked up that stupid hill twice! We walked back from the race and didn't see the shirt area and assumed it was by the start. So we walked all the way to our cars and then had to walk back down the hill again.