Saturday, April 16, 2011

Candler Park, Take II

So, last year when I tried to run the Candler Park Festival 5K...

The race never happened...well, it happened, but I was not a part of it for four reasons:
1) I was extremely late.
2) I knew that I would be running by myself...b/c my friends would have already started the race
3) I couldn't (and never did) find a parking space.
4) I really wasn't excited about running the race...nerves and self-doubt had me wanting to turn around as soon as I got there.

Today, I got a second chance. It wasn't the Candler Park Festival...but it was the Sweetwater 420 Festival that took place IN Candler Park.

Things were different this time for a couple of reasons:
1) Though I had the same feelings of anxiety this morning...they were definitely not quite as bad as I did during the CPF. I felt better prepared.
2) My husband dropped me off right at the church where you pick up the registration packets. I got there in plenty of time.
3) It was a beautiful day.
4) I was running with my friend Emmy:)

So, I was off to a good start. There were tons of people there. Things started off good...the wind was blowing, the pack was running, and then...


I BIT IT on one of those bumpy white street things. And I do mean bit it!!! It all happened so fast. My foot hit the thing and the next thing I know I was flying through the air...which was quickly followed by me hitting the ground. I heard everyone behind me say "oooooooooooo!!!!!" I scraped the heels of my hand...

...and my finger.

...and my knee.

But I got right back up and kept running.

I felt good...and we ran for the first 2 miles. But then around the 2.5 mile mark, we hit a bad hill (Damn you hill in front of Mary Lin Elementary School)...and I had to tell Emmy that I would see her at the finish line.

I realize that it is my breathing more than my body that does not allow me to continue up major hills. Plus I looked around and I saw all of these bonafide "runners" walking, and I gave myself permission to walk too.

Anyway, I finished! Run/walking the entire last .6 miles. Yay!!!

Time: 34:22
Pace: 11:02

Not so shabby for a non-runner. Emmy finished about a minute before me. I was really proud of myself.

I know that there has got to be a way to turn this picture...but you get the point.

We got cool hemp-y t-shirts. Super soft!

The race got me excited and I definitely want to do another one in May. I'm going to keep the goal of running the whole thing. Maybe I need to find a race with NO HILLS...and definitely no bumpy things.

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  1. I found a flat race for you!

    I did a 5K on this course a few weeks ago. Totally flat. I think it's probably the same course. The race I did started at this church.