Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lazy, Lazy Day

This is where I have sat ALL DAY LONG!

Is it possible that I still have a headache from two glasses of wine that I drank almost 24 hours ago? My head has ached all day...I haven't felt like doing a thing but sit on the couch. And so I've sat...through all my mindless morning talk shows...through the news, All My Children, Rachel Ray, and Oprah. So lazy.

I DID manage to do a good working design for my study. I feel like things are coming together. I feel like I'm starting (slowly) to know what I'm talking about. Tomorrow will be critical though (I said that about today too). I need to put a dent in my overview that I can just do my finishing touches over the weekend.

God, my head hurts!

So, I haven't felt like doing anything but eat. I keep sneaking to the kitchen to try a little of this and a little of that. The hummus appetizer that we ate last night keeps calling me. It sucks cause I KNOW that I'm not hungry...I don't feel stressed really either. I know that I need to get my work done...but I'm not to that stressful point where you want to cry. Not yet at least.

Do you see the little bits of white there on the side?  Garlic feta...AMAZING!!
And of course, you can't have hummus without pita chips.  They were cold and hard...but I still ate them.  And yes, they were good!

And I still haven't worked out. I planned to do C210K today...57 minutes...about 4 miles. But who wants to work out when you've got a pounding headache. The not working out and the eating is just adding to this lingering feeling of guilt that is sitting inside of my head right next to my headache.

I need to take some ibuprofen...and a nap...and maybe I should read my blogs. Maybe that'll make me feel better.


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