Friday, June 3, 2011

Goals for June

It's that time of the month to follow up on last months goals and make some new goals for this month.

1.  Continue Couch to 10K--Yes and No.  I got all the way to week 12 or so and I have kinda quit.  I'm still working out (twice a day now)...and I've started yoga again.  It's okay that I can't put a check by this one.  I'm still proud of me.
2.  Quit _______ (this one is serious!)--BIG NO FOR THIS ONE:(
3.  Write chapter 3--BIG NO FOR THIS ONE TOO!!
4.  Goal weight at the end of the month-125.0 lbs. Check...I haven't weighed myself since last Sunday, but as of last Sunday I weighed 124.2!!
5.  Continue skin regimen--nope! (I'm sensing a pattern)
6.  Continue vitamin regimen--nope!
7.  Survive the last 17 days of school--Indeed...I DID survive the last 17 days!!

Okay...I should be pretty disappointed about last month's goals.  Actually, I AM pretty disappointed by these goals.  I was going to write a post the other day about how I NEVER finish what I start.  I have big ideas...I set huge goals...I make long to do lists...and then I end the month with 2/7 things completed.  It's frustrating...and it is a bad trait that I am not proud of.  I always have such good intentions.  Anyway, you know what they say...

If at first you don't succeed, yadda, yadda, yadda...

So, that is my motto...month after month.  So here I go again for June...

1.  Hot yoga 2-3 times per week
2.  Finish chapters 2 and 3 (This is non-negotiable...REALLY!!!)
3.  Run/Walk 15-20 miles per week

And that's it.  Maybe if I make a few less goals it will be easier to attain them...we'll see.  *fingers crossed*



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