Friday, June 3, 2011

Damn That's Hot!!!

So Wednesday night, I went to my first hot yoga class since my bachelorette day in October.  I was sooooo super excited about this for a couple of reasons.

1)  I hadn't been to hot yoga since October!!! HELLO!?!?
2)  My favorite instructor opened her own studio, which I was super anxious to try out.
3)  I've been so stressed with dissertation stuff that I needed some stress relief.
3)  It marked the beginning of my summer yoga regimen (which I have been counting down since April)

So, it should've been awesome, right?!?
All ready for yoga!!!
Unfortunately, NO!  It wasn't what I expected at all...Okay, where do I start!??

The studio is nice.  Hardwood floors...two yoga rooms...cute little industrial area.  I was a little surprised that when I walked in the lobby was really hot.  As I waited in line to pay, I was already starting to sweat.  And then there was a funny little smell that I couldn't put my finger on...

Anyway, I paid $25 for one week of unlimited classes.  I have a groupon and a livingsocial pass too...but I wanted to save them until after I used the unlimited week for newcomers to the studio. 

The way the studio is set up, you have to leave your shoes on the outside in the lobby and you put the rest of your stuff in a "locker room" just through the "hot room."  I thought that it was kind of wierd (but no longer surprised) that the locker room was pretty hot too.  I also wished that I could have kept all of my stuff with my shoes....but no big deal.  So, I put my stuff down in a corner on a little baker's rack and found a spot in the room.

Before I go on...I need to add my disclaimer about the weather.  We have been having unseasonably hot weather these days...even for Georgia.  Wednesday was probably about 96 degrees outside.  I have found in the past that the temperature in the studio can sometimes be dictated by the temperature outside.  I say this to say...that the class was super duper HOT!! It was so hot that even the regulars who were all in the front of the room were falling out.  The instructor turned on the fans and periodically opened the door to cool the room down.  But after about an hour, all I wanted to do was lie in child's pose for the rest of the class.  I kept trying to drink water, but I still felt like I was going to throw up.

But each time I tried to take a little rest, my ego something inside of me told me that I had to finish.  Another thing that kept me going was the wonderful instructor, Bethany.  I LOVE HER!!!  She is so positive and supportive.  She gently helps you into positions and steps on your feet to give you a nice little foot massage during class.  She's the best!!!!

So, after 90 minutes, it was time to go...I felt very proud of myself...and very nauseous and light-headed.  Walking through the puddle of sweat with no shoes on at the end made me even more nauseous.  Blah!!! (I felt bad for the 7:30 class that had to lay their mats on that floor).
This is my after pic.  That smile is fake...and I am soaked from head to toe.
Anyway, the experience was not awful.  It was just...okay.  Part of it was my fault for not eating and drinking enough before I came...some of it was just the fault of the hot, Georgia sun.  I also felt a little bored by the hot routine (which I didn't think was possible).  My friend/co-worker that came with me said that I have to try hot power class next time...

Next time!??!?  So, is there going to be a next time?  DEFINITELY...besides the fact that I have already purchased 15 additional classes...I would go just for Bethany and to support her new studio.  And I can't give up after just one time...sometimes you have bad hot yoga days.  It happens.  We'll see what happens on Sunday...



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