Monday, May 31, 2010

DAY ONE (Take two)

I have my mom's computer, but I still wasn't able to make my cute little weight and measurements chart.  I guess there is some trick to inserting a table that I don't know about.  Anyway, you get the point.  It's funny my weight actually went down a whole pound since yesterday when I had that horrible food hangover. 

WEIGHT:  138.4
FAT (%):  28.6
HYDRATION (%):  49.9
BMI:  27.0 (overweight)

BUST:  36.25"
WAIST:  31.75"
HIPS:  40.25"
R. THIGH:  22"
L. THIGH:  22.25"
R. BICEP:  11.25"
L. BICEP:  11.25"

I will be weighing in and taking measurements weekly.  It may be hard not to get on the scale during the's such a habit.  I also think that it puts so much pressure on weigh in day.  If that scale doesn't move...that can be super depressing.  Hopefully, that won't be too much of an issue:)


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