Monday, May 31, 2010

Working Through the "Itchies"

One problem that I've always had whenever I start exercising again is the damn "itchies."  The itchies are that horrible feeling that comes over your skin on the first and sometimes the second day that you start doing cardio.  The worst part about the itchies is that if you scratch them...they itch more, and you can't stop scratching.  It is an absolutely horrible feeling. 

I just googled the itchies and I found that the itching assosiated with running, especially in people who are not fit or just starting to exercise, is caused by the capillaries that supply blood to your skin. The capillaries contract (or dilate) and the nerves near them sense it and send a signal to your brain that is interpreted as an itch.

Whatever it is, it sucks!!  Luckily, it only lasts those first couple of times when you start working out.  Today, I had a horrible case of the itchies.  But I knew if I scratched, it would be all over!  So, I worked through them.  I kept pushing myself on.  It felt pretty good!  AND it will feel even better when my stupid capillaries no longer contract and/or dilate and I can do cardio without feeling an uncontrollable need to scratch myself.  Anyway, today, I worked through my itchies!!!  Yay!!


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