Friday, June 18, 2010

TRY THIS: Bodybugg?

 So, I have good news and bad news.  The bad news:  I continue to eat whatever I want to eat.  The good news:  I still continue to do my Couch to 10K AND my strength training workout.  So, I don't feel like a total failure.

Today, I looked into getting a bodybugg.  They wear them on Biggest Loser and I feel like it something that could possibly keep me more accountable.  It would mean that I would have to track calories again...but I would be getting a more accurate count of my calorie intake and what I'm burning. 

I've been feeling kind of desperate.  Bodybugg would definitely be better than diet pills, but the cost is so much higher!  From what I've read, the bodybugg will probably cost me around $300...using a discount code.  That's $300 that could be going towards my new iPhone!!! (Priorities...what's a girl to do?!?!?!)

Anyway, though I want one now...maybe that is what I ask for for my birthday in August.  We'll see.


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