Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not so Yoga Loving!?!?

So, the title of the blog claims that I not only want to lose weight, but that I want to shop at expensive a@# Whole Foods, do lots of yoga, and only eat fish and veggies.  Well, since I'm broke...I don't even want to pass a Whole Foods, let alone go in.  And I've been doing super great on the fish and veggie thing.  So, the only real issue that needs addressing right now is my love of yoga.

I love yoga.  I really do.  I love how it makes you feel afterward.  I love the philosophy.  I love how it makes you stronger.  I love how it increases your flexibility.  I love that the postures that you do are truly making you more healthy.  I love yogis...and their hippie dippie, peace and love way.  I read yoga books and have subscribed to Yoga Journal for the past two years.  I ordered a bumper sticker that said Namaste (even though it never came).  I LOVE YOGA!!

But with all this love for yoga, I still have failed to actually do any yoga all summer long.  I think that I may have done it once.  But I'm not even sure about that.  Last summer, I was into hot yoga.  Which I loved.  I loved coming out dripping wet.  I loved the sense of accomplishment that I felt laying on my back at the end of a class, breathing in the hot air and wiping the sweat out of my eyes.  I loved it so much that I joined the studio by my school.  I paid $70 to come three times a week (even though it was always two times at the most).

Anyway, I have been neglecting yoga this summer.  My focus on running and shred have pushed it to the side.  My motivation to do it just isn't there for some reason.  Plus, I think adding it to my workout would mentally push me over the edge.

It makes me kind of sad that I am not a little yogi.  And I still want to pursue that goal.  I just don't have the motivation for it right now.  Oh well.  Maybe after I am regularly running, consciously eating a healthy amount of fruits, vegetables, and fish, and shopping at Whole Foods, I will then focus on my yoga practice.  Until then, namaste.


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