Friday, July 2, 2010

30 Day Shred-Level Two

I graduated to Level 2 of Shred today!!!  Woohoo!!  I was really nervous about how much harder level two was going to be, but I was actually pleasantly surprised.  Don't get me wrong, it was definitely harder...I was a sweaty mess when it was all over.  BUT I think that I enjoyed the actual exercises a little better than level one.  There were moves that I have never done before.  Challenging, but still fun (as fun as exercising can be).  I had to stop for a second or two a couple of times...especially during the plank jumping jacks...but I got back into it and finished.  I'm excited for day ten when I can breeze through the routine non-stop.   

I also completed 4.38 miles doing C210K.  It was hard today for whatever reason.  I really had to push myself to finish.  The whole time, I kept questioning whether I want to continue the program or not...which was less than motivating.  But I did it.  I finished and I'm proud of myself for the day.

Oh!  Something new that I found today on another blog is Dailymile.  The website logs in your cardio work out for the day and keeps track of your last workout, your miles for the week, and your total miles.  It's another cool little way to keep track of your workout.  I have a little widget thing on the blog (on the right hand side) that displays my progress.

Okay...workouts done!  Gotta go find me something to eat!


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