Saturday, July 3, 2010

Time to Pull Out the Big Old Pill Box

Oddly enough, I have not been on my vitamin regimen since I started my weight loss journey...which kinda goes against the whole getting healthier thing.  I started taking vitamins a couple of years ago because a lot of hair blogs recommended certain vitamins for hair growth.  And being that I was growing the perm out of my hair, I wanted my hair to grow quickly.

With that said, I have tried almost every vitamin related to hair.  My co-workers used to make fun of the giant pill box that I would bring to school every day.  I couldn't help but laugh when one of my students told me that her grandfather had "one of those," referring to my giant purple and yellow vitamin container.

Anyway, vitamins are super expensive...and after awhile I had to streamline my supply a bit.  I am currently taking (or not taking at this very moment):  a multivitamin, biotin, MSM, omega 3 fish oils, and a hair nails and skin.  I'm about to fill my pill box and start taking them again today.  I'm also going to research if there are any other supplements that I can/should take simply because I am a pseudo-vegetarian and need more protein in my life.

 Here is my infamous vitamin container...along with my current supply.

Two random things before I go.  One is health related the other is not.  

First, I substituted hummus for a mayo concoction today when I made my salmon burger sandwich.  The taste wasn't anything spectacular...I was just proud of myself for thinking about it and doing it. (It's the small things).

Second, I think that I got sucked into watching the new season of the Real World.  I just finished watching the first episode.  Yes, I'm almost 34...yes, I haven't watched the Real World in almost 10 years...yes, it is probably gonna be a bunch of trash...and yes, I am gonna go set my DVR for Wednesdays at 10 as soon as I fill my pill box.  Oh well, at least I can work out while its'll take the place of BL after I watch the finale tonight (so excited!!).


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