Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blog Envy's the summer time and I have tons of time on my hands (even though I should be using it to work on my dissertation, but that's a whole 'nother story).  Anyway, I have been spending a large amount of this time reading anyone and everyone's health/fitness/nutrition/wellness blogs.  I had no clue about the amount of people who are also documenting their healthy lifestyle and/or weight loss journeys.  I have only been reading the blogs of women...some are moms...some have yet to become moms (like me).  Some are young...some are well into their 30s (like me).  Some have lost the weight...some are still losing (like me). 

Now here is where the envy part comes in...everyone's meals look soooooooooooo uber healthy!  Like really, really healthy.  Everything has oats in it...or is dripping with Greek yogurt.  There's always a chopped banana mushed up in there somewhere.  It's crazy.  And the ingredients...let's just say that these bloggers are definitely bringing their reusable shopping bags to Whole Foods or Trader Joe's at least once a week!

And the meals!!!  The colors!  The textures!!  My meals pale in comparison.  When I make a recipe all of my ingredients are things that everyone has heard of like...uh, cheese or rice.  No fancy foods like tempeh or Oikos for me. 

To add to my healthy foods blogging inferiority, their presentation is always so nice.  I don't put my oatmeal in cute little jelly jars or prepare my fresh fruit parfait in an elegant wine glass!  My dishes are green (and boring)...and all of my glasses look foggy (I actually only have one wine glass left and that is for our guests).  I don't take pictures of my breakfast on the patio...or next to flowers...or in the windowsill.  My pictures are taken from the coffee front of my TV (cause that is where I usually chow down).

I am a boring eater...which in turn makes me a boring blogger:(

I don't say any of these things to disparage anyone.  I am truly envious of their lifestyle.  They are "that girl"...what I aspire to be some day.

These women...these nutritious eaters who run and go to yoga...they are truly my inspiration.  They care about what they put in their bodies and they seek out only the healthiest foods to ingest.  It's pretty impressive.  So, from now on, I vow not to be envious and "hate" on them...I vow that I will learn from them.  Try their food their oats and bananas.  I appreciate that there are people out there trying to help others become more conscious eaters.  Who knows...maybe one day, I can inspire someone too!


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