Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Weigh In

I've been sitting here trying to figure out how to start this entry.  I guess I'll just start with a little progress chart.

DATE       WEIGHT       BODY FAT (%)    HYDRATION (%)           BMI
5/31             138.4                28.6                        49.9                      27.0
6/13             137.2                28.2                        50.2                      26.8
6/28             133.8                27.4                        50.8                      26.1
7/5               133.8                27.2                        50.9                      26.1

I obviously did not lose anything last week.  After all of my hard work AND working out EVERY DAY.  Nothing.  But there are a couple of reasons that I am not super sad about my results.

1) I am right in the middle of my menstrual cycle.  I know for a fact that during this time of the month, I am always a pound or two heavier.  May sound like an excuse, but it is the truth.

2) My body fat did go down a little bit.  (Thanks, Jillian!)

3)  I still "get it."  The scale can't take that away from me.  The idea of fast food or eating out or pigging out still doesn't appeal to me.  I am still on my mission to eat as healthy as possible.

So, the scale didn't say what I wanted it to say.  Oh well.  I'm still feeling really good about my progress.  My clothes are fitting body is looking better.  I am still on the right track.

Oh!  Yesterday was a little bit of a splurge day.  My mom got blue crabs and we had a mini-feast.  Five crabs for me.  She had also made a red velvet cake from scratch.  Proud to say that I had one bite of the cake.  ONE BITE!!  There was a time that I would have had a big old whopping piece AND took some home with me.  The desire just wasn't there.  Amazing how you can re-train your thinking.

Okay, off to have my morning smoothie!


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