Thursday, July 22, 2010

Corn Chip Face!

I ate my weight in organic corn tortilla chips tonight.  It's so funny, because earlier I was wondering what...or I mean, when I may fall of the wagon.  I was wondering how I would feel.

Well, I feel...okay.  I don't want to kill myself or anything.  I'm disappointed.  Disappointed that I was doing so good and I gave in for nothing.  I didn't follow my rules and I gave in.

I can think of a couple of different reasons that I gave being that my fiance was not here.  I felt like I had free-range of the kitchen (not that he locks up the refrigerator with a padlock or something)...but I just felt less accountability.  There are some other reasons for my feelings of weakness too...but I probably won't be getting into that tonight.

Anywho...I feel full.  Unsatisfied.  Uncomfortable and as I said before, disappointed.  BUT I don't feel defeated.  I KNOW that it was a temporary slip up...and I don't feel like it will keep me from my healthy life style.  I prefer to eat healthy.  I prefer to do the right things for my body.  And everyone...I mean, everyone says that there will be slip ups...and tonight, I had one.  But oh well.  Though I may be disappointed for my Monday weigh the big picture, I hope to be blessed with many more Mondays.

Okay...confession complete.  Good night!


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