Friday, July 9, 2010

Feeling Better...A little bit

My internet connection has been totally crazy since the power went out a couple of hours ago.  Boo!

Well, first, I think that I have gotten away from why I started this blog.  I started really as a diary/journal.  I wanted to record my thoughts, my weight loss, and just my general journey to good health.  I wanted the site to be somewhere that I could go to see if my favorite bloggers have updates and track my miles.

But after constantly going to everyone's wonderful health blogs, my vision got a little skewed.  I too wanted a really awesome blog.  I felt the need to "go public."  I felt the need to add pictures to spruce up the site.  I felt the need to constantly check my stats to see how many people were/weren't visiting (Dork!  Half of those visits are you checking on how many visits.  Duh!)  Anyway, I lost sight of why I am doing this. 

I also have felt myself becoming a little obsessed.  Going from blog to blog...and health magazine to health magazine.  I want change now...and I'm finding it hard to be patient.  I want to be an uber-healthy person overnight...though I know that this is impossible. 

I'm thinking about changing my blog title.  I should not want to be something that I am not.  I should be embracing me.  That is what this journey should be about.  I don't know what that looks like...or what I'm supposed to do...but it is something that I have yet to learn.  This would entail changing my URL (that's what it is called, right)...and going private again.  Don't really think that I will be I can ramble and not proofread and not worry about what anyone will think.

As for feeling better, I do...a little better.  I took the day off and my body (really my knees) felt a lot better this morning.  And after reading blogs (all day), I am a little bit excited about 73 minutes of run/walking (just a little though).  Still not super excited about JM...but hopefully that'll change.  I'm gonna do Shred after my run...we'll see how I feel doing things in reverse.

I'm still super duper stressed about my paper.  I did NOTHING least nothing worth mentioning.  I really need to do something about the stress.  It's gonna kill me.  I really do poorly under pressure.  I have cried at least two times today. 

Anyway, I plan to have a salad with shrimp for dinner tonight.  Oh!  And I have (for the first time in my life) thought about the idea of dabbling in a little veganism.  Oh She Glows is the new blog that I found today and she actually makes it seem very...yummy, I guess.  I don't know.  I may try one or two days a week.  I'm not sure what I'd be getting myself into. 

Okay.  Need to put on my workout gear.  Seventy-three I come!


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