Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's All About the Journey

I woke up this morning and sneaked a peak at the scale.  It was actually .8 lbs. less than it was yesterday...stupid scale!  I'm actually excited to see what it's going to say on weigh in Monday!!!  AND on top of weighing a little body fat continues to go down!  Woohoo!!!  Makes me pretty excited!

I realize now (I realized it before I guess I'm "re-realizing") that it really is a slow and steady thing.  If I continue to eat right...balance my meals...track my calories...and exercise, the weight will HAVE to come off.

And more importantly, I keep reading that it isn't or shouldn't JUST be about the weight loss.  Which I know.  According to all of my insightful "friends," it is about the journey.  It is about learning to enjoy and/or embrace this healthy life.  Enjoy the feeling that you get when you are running...or better yet, when you're finished running.  Relish in the excitement of finding healthy foods that you like...or discovering the perfect smoothie recipe.  It's about bettering your yoga practice and trying new things that you never thought you would try in a million years.  It's about setting goals and feeling a sense of pride when you attain them.  The body will come.  It will come with this new life...with this new way of thinking.

I was talking to my fiance about cravings last night.  I asked him if he was having any cravings for any fatty foods or if he was just dying to go out to dinner.  He said no...and I said no, too!!  We have not been out to dinner in two weeks!!!  Which is really a record for a couple that would sometimes eat out up to four or five times in one week!!  The fact that we haven't gone out to eat means that I haven't had anything to drink in two weeks!!  Which is huge for me too.

I'm starting to think of myself differently.  Especially when it comes to alcohol.  I mean, don't get me wrong, if I do go out, I will have a glass of wine or two.  But I don't really have the desire to indulge the way that I used to.  It's very interesting.

As I write this, I still question whether this is going to this "new me" really a new me or is it just my latest obsession.  I wonder if I will ever want to go back or have feelings of weakness (it's funny I haven't had any yet...maybe cause mentally, I do not feel like I am really denying myself anything).

I wonder how going back to work will affect this journey.  I'm trying to prepare myself...I've made a daily meal schedule around my school day.  And I will continue with my weekly meal plans.  I am also in the process of finding a good workout that I can actually type into.   I like the idea of printing it out and crossing the day off after I have completed my exercise "task."  Thanks, Jen!!

Anyway, I'm definitely feeling better.  More motivated (hopefully some of the motivation will rub off on me to finish my dissertation).  Oh!!  Before I make my breakfast smoothie, I wanted to share my fiance's awesome art work!!  I'm such a fan of his work!!!


You can't really tell what's going on in this...but it is multi-media.  He used paint...and stencils...and photography.  I think it turned out really cool.  I love having his art work around the house.  We put this one on the bookshelf by the TV.  I love it.

He modeled it after this poloroid taken at our engagement session by the talented, Caroline Fontenot.

Okay...smoothie time.  I hope that I can finally find the right mix for this strawberry, blueberry and banana smoothie.  We will see!!!

P.S.  I'm loving the blogs new look (I might have already said that!).  It's so much cleaner!!!  Loves it!!:)


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