Sunday, July 18, 2010

Goodbye, JM...Hello P57!!!

So, I know that you should always finish what you start.  That is one of those quotes up on the wall in the BL gym.  I know that it is probably not good to randomly go from one thing to another without completing something.  But, with that said, on day 23, I must say goodbye to Jillian and her 30 Day Shred.

Insert excuses here.  1) My aching knees.  All of Jillian's "plyometrics" (I think that's the word) are doing a number on my knee.  I have spent 23 days of doing jumping jacks and jump rope and plank jacks and double jumping jacks....and I just want to give my poor knee a rest (A JM commercial just came it a sign that I should stick it out for the next 7 days!?!?)  Anyway...2) I'm bored.  I resent the fact that I have to do it EVERY day...and I just find the workout kind of boring at this point.  I find myself only following Anita (the beginner girl)...and not challenging myself at all.  3)  I wanna try a longer workout.  I know JM tries to put as much as possible in those 20 minutes...but I wanna see if a longer workout will be more beneficial for me.  I've lost body fat...which is awesome, but I wanna see if bigger...or longer is better.  4)  Doubling up.  I've been doing my cardio AND Shred on the same day.  It is hard to motivate myself when I know that I have to do both.  AND I find myself "phoning it in" (lol) when I have to do Shred after 63 minutes of C210K.  I wanna break things up a bit and see how that effects my workout.  5) I'm supposed to ENJOY my workout.  That's what everyone says, right?  Find something that you like.  Well, as much as I love Jillian...Shred is not my thing.  I need lower impact because of my knee...and I am longing for yoga and/pilates (which P57 in based on).  I must admit that I am not a Shredhead...but I AM very proud of my 23 days. 

So that is it.  The decision has been made.  I am not ashamed (even though I am having twinges of guilt for not finishing what I started).  I'm happy that I hung in there for as long as I did.  I will start Physique 57 on Tuesday.  I will do it 2-3 times per week...alternating with my C210K schedule.  I'm a little nervous because the last time that I tried P57, it seriously kicked my ass!  But, I think/hope that I am in a little better shape now.  I think/hope that I should be able to handle it. 

On to other things.  I did another sneak peak today...still 132.0.  Still not sure what to say about that.  I'm just going to keep up with my healthy eating and exercise.  If I can at least lose 1 lb per week, I will be at my goal weight by November (One pound a week was actually recommended by one of the also said that I should be eating 1800 calories per day).  Slow and steady...slow and steady.

Well, I'm glad my workout is done for the day.  I made a workout schedule for the month of July to hang up in my gym.   OH!  And running is becoming sooooo much better.  I'm running in four minute intervals without any problem.  On Wednesday, I will start with 5 minutes at a time!!!  Yay for small accomplishments!

Okay.  Gotta is grocery shopping day (which has become a lot more enjoyable since I've been eating healthier).  I also have to either get a playground ball or inflate the one I have...if I'm gonna start P57 on Tuesday!!!  I'm excited...this may be just the change that my body needs.  I'll report back on P57 on Tuesday!


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