Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Splurge Day!

So, yesterday I had lunch with a couple of my friends from work and it ended up becoming a splurge day!  We had a pre-drink at my house and then we were off to my fiance and my favorite Mexican restaurant (it's actually where he proposed).

I didn't get any pics of lunch (taking a picture or my food is such an afterthought for me).  But guess where we went afterwards...?


This was my very first trip...and we were super excited!!!

Not a great hair day...but this has pretty much been my look all summer.

I got a small original with yogurt chips, chocolate chips and strawberries.   In terms of taste...it was pretty refreshing.  But it was also pretty tart...which I wasn't crazy about.  But of course, I finished it all.


It was a fun trip!  Nice to have ice cream on a random Monday afternoon.  I'm not sure if I'm as hooked as everyone else.  Maybe it was just the original flavor...but it didn't really taste like old school frozen yogurt.

Another draw back was the calories.  When I went home to log my calories, I got a huge shock.  Each 1/2 cup was 100 calories...making a small serving (which is 1.5 cups) 300 calories!!!!  Then when you add my topping...my stupid dessert ended up being 490 calories!!!!  For some lowfat yogurt!!!!  If I go again, I definitely order the mini...and I stick to fruit toppings (Didn't love the yogurt chips anyway)!


  1. Oh Pinkberry - how I love you! I believe its an acquired taste because the first time I had it, I too couldn't get over the tartness, now I crave tart icecream! Good for you though for getting out on a Monday (of all days) and having a splurge day!

  2. Awwwww...thanks!!! I'm a kindergarten teacher and I only have two weeks left before I have to go back to school...I have to enjoy every minute! AND I'm so glad to hear that it is an acquired taste (I felt like I was missing something). Maybe it just means that I have to go back and try some other flavors!!!:)