Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dissertation Update

So, I've got one day left.  One day of spring day to finish my overview. 

Thankfully, I've gotten a lot done this week.  As far as the overview is concerned, I wrote up:  my research design (minus the part about coding), participants, the setting, and the purpose of the study.  I also finished my definition table...which is still a little rough, but I think it will due for Monday.

I still need to complete:  the background of the study and my coding portion of the research my data source table and bibliography.  I've also want to put in a little blurb about my theoretical perspective.  It may seem like a lot, but i think that the background will be the hardest part. 

I'm really proud of everything that I've done.  Though on paper it doesn't seem like a lot...I can honestly say I have such a better understanding of my study and research in general after this week.  So, yay for me!

Usually, I dread meeting with my gives me the shakes and makes me sweat.  I'm always so nervous that she will realize that the emperor has no clothes.  But I am actually excited about our next meeting...excited to hear what she has to say and excited about my next step.

This week has made me realize how much I have to do this summer.  This dissertation thing is really huge.  I kicked myself a couple of times for not getting on the ball sooner.  I missed some opportunities in terms of possible studies...but it's okay.  I am comfortable with what I am long as I get the okay from my advisor...and IRB.

Okay...that's it.  I need to decompress, but I don't know how.  I can't drink (can't risk the hangover)...don't feel like working out...can't eat a big old dessert (like I would like to do)...don't really know what I should do.  I guess my husband can come out of hiding (he's been in the bedroom the whole week).  Here's to a good week...


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