Monday, April 4, 2011

A Productive Day One:)

Today was my first official day of spring break...and it was pretty productive now that I think about it.

 I finished the definition table...for the most part. And I started to organize all of my articles into Medelay (this new research software). I haven't decided if I like it or not. It already crashed once...but all of the reviews are good. There are still a few finishing touches that I need to work on with the table. I also need to find a working definition of disposition, but I can do that tomorrow.

 The dentist went okay...I REALLY need to start flossing. Hell, I need to start brushing at's my dirty secret. I'm always tired...okay, I'm just lazy...but it's wreaking havoc on my teeth and gums. It's so gross...I can't believe that I'm even writing about it. Anyway, the hygienist did the dreaded "pocket test" see how many deep pockets I have in my gums. I always fail. Suppose to get 1's and 2's...and I get 3's and 4's...and sometimes a couple of fives. Maybe admitting my dirty little secret will help me brush more. I hate the dentist!

 We have a's a Hyundai something or other. I don't know. Hopefully, the truck will be fixed in a week. If not, we're gonna have to pay $400 to drive a Hyundai for two weeks. Ridiculous. I decided today definitely that I will always drive a truck...I don't even want to go on the highway in that thing.
 Last thing before I make my dinner...I realized today that I have/had (whichever term you want to use) some friends that are bonafide "mean girls." Super snobby and superficial. My husband doesn't really know them, but he doesn't like em. I've learned not to take it too seriously...I think that I took comments a lot more seriously in the past. But I know it says more about them then me.

For example, I haven't seen one of my "friends" since my wedding in December...she asks me excitedly to see my ring. She takes my hand...looks at the rings...and dead silence. Minutes later she's on to the next topic. I didn't even get a courtesy, "that's nice." Nothing at all. AND to make it even more insulting...another one of my "friends" from the group did the exact same thing!!!
 I think that I let it hurt my feelings initially. Then I thought about it. Maybe my ring isn't the biggest thing in the world, but I really do enjoy it. It is very me...and it represents me and my husband. We will always have our funny story about how we went to get it (Sidenote: A third "friend" told me that the way that we went to get the rings was a "no-no"...and that it should have been a surprise...HA!) Anyway, I love my rings...they're pretty and they're shiny and they're me.
My wonderful ring from my wonderful husband:)
It feels kinda good to let that out.

Anyway, I ran/walked almost 4 1/2 miles today. I'm starting to see a difference...which is always fun. Trying to decide if I'm going to make a real dinner or eat something small and quick. Tuna? I don't know. I'm not very hungry and it's getting kind of late.

I hope that Day Two is as productive...

Oh! One last thing...I made spanakopita last night and it was a big old fail!!! The recipe called for dry curd cottage cheese...who's heard of that!?!? They didn't even have it at Harry's (though I didn't ask). They did have Rudi's Cinnamon Raisin Bread (which I did ask for after not seeing it on the shelf for two weeks in a row....mmmmmm, I love that stuff!) Anyway, I just wanted to share my collosal fail in the kitchen. I would have eaten it, but I didn't feel like wasting calories on a mediocre meal. We ordered Domino's instead...I ordered the thin and crispy crust. Not bad. Low calories too. I would definitely try it again. (The only thing missing is that wonderful, garlic-y, yummy, divine Domino's crust...luckily, I had some of my husbands). Okay, now I'm starving!!!...and I still have to shower. Boo.


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