Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vitamin Regimen

Lately, I've been focusing on getting my skin to look flawless.  I've started with exfoliation and a new skin regimen.

I also think that it is time to start my vitamin regimen again.  I think that my skin may have looked better when I was taking all those vitamins.  I think that I will start taking my multi (maybe a prenatal), fish oil, MSM, and biotin again.  Now, I'm looking to see what new vitamins that I can add to this regimen.

Vitamins C and E keep coming up online when I google "healthy skin supplements."  Vitamin C is supposed to be good for protein metabolism and also promotes healing.   It is recommended to look for one that is mixed with flavanoids.  Vitamin E is supposed to help prevent scarring and promote healing.

I have been known to get overzealous when it comes to my supplement intake.  So, I'm going to try to keep it simple.

For now, I'm going to start on the following regimen today:

Twice Daily
Multi/Prenatal vitamin
MSM (1000 mg)
Omega-3 Fish Oil (1000 mg)
Biotin (2500 mcg)
Vitamin C (1000 mg)
Vitamin E (Need to find the recommended amount)

Now I just need to research which ones are best.  I'm always inclined to buy the cheapest or the ones on sale...but I know that is not the smartest way to go.  I'll report back which ones I like for my records. 

I'm super excited about clear skin...I hope all of this crap works.